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Q & A Concerning the 1:1 Beaver County School District Chromebook Initiative

When do we check them out?  The protocol calls for each Chromebook to have it’s own protective case.  The cases that arrived in early August we not acceptable and have been reordered.  We have been told the new ones have been shipped.  We anticipate passing them out the first week of September.

Do we have to take one?  No, even though we are moving to a electronic textbooks and resources, we envision still having hard copy textbooks available for checkout at the media center of each school.

What if I don’t have internet at home?  This is not an issue.  The device has the capability of downloading the assigned materials before the student leaves the school for the day.

What if I need to get on the internet and get some assignments or hand in something after hours.  All schools will have WiFi connections available so you can access a signal on the Chromebook by walking up to the building.  Additionally, several public locations will be broadcasting the Chromebook signal allowing you to visit places like the public library, parks or other designated areas if you have a immediate need.

What is the cost for the year-long insurance policy.  A zero deductible policy is available for $23 a year.

Can I have the Chromebook during the summer?  No, the device must be checked in yearly during the summer months for maintenance and security.

Do the Chromebooks have a filter on them?  Since these machines belong to the school district, they will go through the district filters even if they are at your house and logged into your home internet. 

Does the district track the internet site the Chromebook goes to?  The district can track every computer in the district including teacher computers.  We have logs that allow us to track every internet location a user visits and how long they visited the site.

Can I use my child’s Chromebook?  Hopefully you will use the device in tandem with your child, working on assignments and accessing educational materials.  You as a parent cannot log into the device, access in granted to your child only but the district has no problems with parents access materials with their child.  Remember, all traffic is logged.

Can I log out my child and use the computer for personal use?  If the Chromebook disconnects your child’s account for any reason, the machine will not reload and start up without your child re-logging into their district account.

Do the teachers know how to use the Chromebooks?  All have had some training on the Chrome OS but all do not have a Chromebook to use.  They do however have a desktop Windows machine and a iPad tablet.  Each of these devices can access the same software that the Chromebook uses.  Our chosen software works very well with the two main operating systems; Mac and Windows.

Am I responsible for the cost of the machine even if my child is not at fault?  If a police intervention is needed to solve a dispute, please call the police.  The best method to make sure you are covered is purchasing an insurance policy.  The district has negotiated a great rate of only $23.00 per year for full coverage.

Will every student get a Chromebook?  The district has chosen to only provide Chromebook laptops to grades 4-12.  Grades K-3 will still have access to computers in a lab setting.  The lab will be a great environment to learn proper keyboarding skills and individualized instruction through the computer lab assistant.

Does every subject have an electronic text book?  We currently have electronic texts and other electronic resources for most subjects but there will still be a need for paper based products in some areas of study.

Can I purchase my own Chromebook?  You can BUT, we will only filter a personal device when it is used on our campus and hooked to our internet.  We will not filter a personal device outside our campus.  When your students bring their personal devices such a cell phones or laptops and hook to our network, we do filter them but after they leave the school WiFi network, their filtering is dropped.

How do I purchase an insurance policy?  Before checking out a Chromebook from your school library, go to the school office and pay the $23.00 fee.  They will give you a receipt.  Take the receipt to the school library and check out a Chromebook.  You will have to complete a form.

My child forgot their Chromebook and left it at school.  What do they do now?  They have access to their materials through non-Chromebook machines such as a home computer or a public library computer.  They do not have the internet filtered since they are not on a district owned device.

Please email me your questions:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Beaver County School District
Public Budget Hearing Notice
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Beaver County School District will be proposing to the Board of Education the District’s
final budget for fiscal year 2015. This budget hearing has been scheduled at the District
Office at 6:00 p.m., on June 9, 2015 in conjunction with the regular monthly Board of
Education meeting. The District is also proposing the initial beginning and tentative
budget for fiscal year 201516.
A copy of the proposed budget can be obtained on May
22, 2015 or thereafter from the District’s internet web site or from the District Office at
291 North Main, Beaver, Utah, 84713.
Online Table of Contents
Annual Budget Report
Introductory Section
Organizational Section
Financial Section
Informational Section

1st place: Abby Harris of Beaver High
2nd place: Ky Brown of Belknap Elementary
3rd place: James Andersen of Belknap Elementary.
Belknap Elementary won the Traveling Trophy.


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