Curriculum & Instruction

Instructional Goals, Objectives, and Evaluation: Adoption and Purpose 
Term of Instruction: School Year
Term of Instruction: School Day
Term of Instruction: Summer School
Curriculum: Required Instruction
Curriculum: Elective Instruction Pass Fail
Curriculum: Elective Instruction Drivers Ed
Curriculum: Reading Achievement for K-3
Curriculum: American Sign Language
Curriculum: College Course Work
Curriculum: Religious Neutrality
Curriculum: American Heritage
Curriculum: Human Sexuality
Special Programs: Alternative Language
Special Programs: Dropout Prevention and Recovery
Special Programs: Education of Youth in Custody
Special Programs: Gifted and Talented
Special Programs: Special Education
Special Programs: Health Care Occupations Program
Special Programs: Financial Passport Reline
Instructional Resources: Copyrighted Material
Instructional Resources: Internet Policy
Instructional Resources: Primary Instruction Materials
Instructional Resources: Teaching Supplies
Grading: Process Reports to Parents
Grading: Testing Procedures and Standards
Grading: Testing Procedures and Standards Kindergarten Assessment
Grading: Testing Procedures and Standards Exclusion from Testing
Grading: Participation of Private and Home School Students in U-Pass
Grading: Course Grade Forgiveness
Guidance: Individual Learning Plan/Plan for College and Career Readiness
Graduation: Graduation Requirements
Graduation: Citizenship Graduation Requirement
Graduation: Early Graduation Incentive
Graduation: Middle School Graduation Requirements
Graduation: Adult Education Graduation