Message from Superintendent

Message from Superintendent
Posted on 06/26/2018
Message from Superintendent

We are in the middle of summer break and it never ceases to amaze me how the time can speed by so quickly. As your child is home during the summer, let me remind you to keep their brains active by having them do things like

  • reading a minimum of 20 minutes a day

  • do brain games like puzzles

  • have them run, hop, skip, jump rope

  • have them watch less TV and play less electronic games.

These are the types of activities that will help your child be better prepared for school beginning on August 16th by possibly preventing the dreaded summer academic slide. Our teachers have been working hard through June to be better prepared for August. Many teachers participated in 3 or 4 days of professional development on new elementary math and secondary science textbooks. As an educational family, we continue to work together to build onto our foundation of excellence for all of the students of the Beaver County School District.

We are so fortunate to have such broad support for our schools. Parents, grandparents, businesses, and others are so giving and supportive to our schools. I am so proud of the great successes we have had in each of our five schools. Academics, athletics, and the arts have all been well represented by the Beaver County School District.

As you spend time with your children this summer, I found this interesting challenge from a colleague in Connecticut that might make this time more meaningful:

“Please take a moment to consider incorporating what Harvard University research has identified as a practice to improve overall positivity and well-being into your summer routine.  As a personal or family challenge, consider adding these 5 practices each day during a “21-day challenge.”

  1. Acknowledge 3 new gratitudes

  2. Share one positive experience with family and/or friends

  3. Exercise for 20 minutes

  4. Meditation or Quiet Mindfulness for 5 minutes per day

  5. 1 planned random act of kindness without expecting something in return

As our lives become busier and busier, I think incorporating these ideas into your daily routine will help balance out the many demands we have as parents and grandparents. Summer is a busy time for everyone, including those of us working in education. Enjoy this summer time with your children and grandchildren. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy reading a good book.

Thank you,

Superintendent Ray Terry